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PurpleStride Strives To End Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is not the most proliferative cancer, but it is the most deadly and it is on the rise. Currently it accounts for 5% of all cancer deaths, and 73% of patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will succumb to the disease. Dr. Zakari from the Cancer Institute of Florida will attend The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's upcoming annual walk, PurpleStride, to help raise awareness and support those who have lost a loved one or have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This November we can all work to end pancreatic cancer, read more about the walk here.

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Cancer Institute of Florida Supports Healthy Neighborhoods

Cancer Institute of Florida proudly sponsored the Orlando community in the recent National Night Out, supporting health and safety for the city. See some photos from the day and read more about this event here.

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Dr. Mekhail Moderates Distinguished Physician Summit

Cancer Institute of Florida is proud to host the Orlando Best of ASCO Meeting on June 28th and 29th. Moderated by Dr. Mekhail, this local presentation of the annual event offered by The American Society of Clinical Oncology, also known as the ASCO, highlights the most innovative research and clinical studies for international exhibition.

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Florida Hospital Cancer Institute Practices Recognized for Excellent Care

The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute (FHCI), Cancer Institute of Florida and Premier Hematology and Oncology, recently received the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) certification awarded for exceptional outpatient care. FHCI and these two practices are the only cancer treatment providers in Central Florida to receive the three-year certification.

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Dr. Carlos Alemañy featured in Tu Revista Mujer

Dr. Alemañy was featured in the October/November issue of Tu Revista Mujer, Central Florida’s Spanish health magazine geared toward women. In the attached article, Dr. Carlos Alemañy describes what it’s like to work in the hematology/oncology field and what he finds so rewarding in the midst of something that can be so difficult for his patients and families. To get to know more about Dr. Alemañy and read the entire article, please click on the following link.

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Lung Cancer Treatments Get Personal at CIF

Dr. Tarek Mekhail of Cancer Institute of Florida took lung cancer research personally when he started using a specialized drug that targets a specific genetic mutation or characteristics in a person’s tumor. This specialized cancer treatment is called “personalized medicine.”

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Breast Exams: The First Step in Cancer Prevention

As the months roll by and October's focus on breast cancer becomes echoes of last year’s rallies and walks, let's not forget the message that is heard loud and clear throughout the fall months. Mammograms save lives. Breast self examination saves lives. Finding breast cancer early in its development is one of the key ways in which breast cancer is cured.

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Family Practice Makes Doctor Shine

PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Raul Castillo, MD of Cancer Institute of Florida shares his inspiring past and his passion that led him to become one of Orlando’s leading medical oncologists and hematologists.

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Doctor Breathes New Life into Lung Cancer Research

Though lung cancer remains one of the most often diagnosed and most fatal cancers, the funding is among the lowest. Cancer Institute of Florida oncologist, Dr. Tarek Mekhail, is taking action—and breath—to see this change.

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Patients Flock to Top Doc

Dr. Carlos Alemany of Cancer Institute of Florida is recognized by both patients and peers and named one of Orlando’s Top Doctors in the field of oncology and hematology as featured in Orlando magazine.

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