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Cancer Treatment Videos

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More than the latest diagnosis, the latest news.

The hematologists and oncologists at Cancer Institute of Florida work in collaboration with clinical trials and other research facilities in an effort to discover cancer treatment breakthroughs. The sharing of information to the patient community and findings to the medical community is vital toward a cure.

Please click on the links below to watch some short videos featuring Cancer Institute of Florida physicians, medical breakthroughs and surprising statistics.

New Drugs and Dedication Give New Hope to Cancer Patients

Fox 35 News reports on skin cancer and lung cancer research breakthroughs that are going on locally at Florida Hospital.

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Dr. Mekhail, MD, Lung Cancer Screening Test

Local 6 News and Dr. Mekhail, explain how lung cancer, though covered less in the media, is a much deadlier disease than breast cancer. Sniffing out the latest lung cancer screening and cure spawned from animal instincts.

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Carlos Alemany, MD, Florida Blood Centers PSA (en Español)

Carlos Alemany, MD, Florida Blood Centers PSA.

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Ahmed Zakari, MD, Men’s Colon Health

Dr. Zakari shares men’s cancer statistics and ways to stay healthy and avoid acquiring an avoidable, yet deadly disease. Specifically, those regarding colon cancer.

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Tarek Mekhail, MD, Men’s Lung Health

Though no effective early screening for lung cancer exists, Dr. Mekhail, thoracic oncologist, discusses the ways doctors are working with clinical trials to establish early screening and cures for lung cancer patients.

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Tarek Mekhaik, MD, Director of the Thoracic Oncology Program

Learn more about the practice of thoracic oncology and the ever-changing ways Dr. Tarek Mekhail, thoracic oncologist at Cancer Institute of Florida, is treating and curing patients with thoracic malignancies like lung cancer and other thyroid diseases.

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Sarah George, MD, Breast Cancer Awareness

Learn more about the alarming breast cancer statistics facing women. Dr. Sarah George, oncologist, talks about the importance of annual mammograms and how early detection is affecting survival rate.

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Raul Castillo, MD, Reduces the Risks of Breast Cancer

Dr. Castillo, medical oncologist, discusses the high number of women diagnosed with breast cancer each year. However, continued advancements in research are increasing the early detection and survival rates.

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Raul Castillo, MD, Talks about Prostate and Testicular Cancer

Though the most common cancer among men, prostate cancer has a survival rate of over 90% if detected early. Regular screenings and physical health exams greatly reduce risks and increase ability to catch and cure early.

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Dog Credited with Smelling Lung Cancer

Dogs love to sniff—now it’s a matter of life and death when they detect lung cancer compound in breath. Dr. Mekhail of Cancer Institute of Florida shares the revolutionary methods and techniques being used to diagnose lung cancer.

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